Creating a New Google Document Filegoogle_docs_logo.jpg

Step #1: Sign in with your Google Account
Step #2: Click the "Create" button, located on the upper left-hand side of the screen.
Step #3: From the dropdown menu, select Document.
Practice Documents:

How To Format Documents for Use in Word
  • Google Documents can't be cut and pasted into Microsoft Word—without the formatting getting all messed up, along with the font, size of the letters, and a lot of other stuff.
  • Excellent Workaround--instead of copying, go to File in the menubar and select "Download As--> Word." This will preserve your formatting and save the document in a Word format.

Getting a Word Count
  • Word count feature is located in the FILE drop down menu
  • Word counts are slightly different in Google Documents than in Word
  • Google is a bit more lenient on what constitutes a separate word
  • Most schools and jobs will go by what Word says, so be sure to export to word if word count is important!

Changing Fonts, Sizes, Styles, etc.
  • The default font is Ariel, 11pt. Fonts can be changed using the Format menu or by highlighting the text to be changed and then making selections in the formatting toolbar located at the top of the document. (See the Toolbar below)


  • Previous versions of Google docs had a document settings selection under FILE. That feature has disappeared in the most recent versions.