Getting Started with iPadsBENN-BLue-ipads.jpg

Stations: (60 minutes)

safari-iphone-icon.jpgSafari: Follow this link to the activities, resources and ideas shared on utilizing the Safari app on the iPad. The information shared will be specific to iOS5 which includes tabbed browsing, reader button and "add to reading list" features.

cameraapp.jpgCamera: Follow this link to the activities and ideas shared at the camera station for using the built in video and still cameras on the iPad 2. The original version of the iPad did not contain a camera so the information shared will be specific to the later versions of the iPad.

bennington-qrcodes.pngQR Codes: Follow this link to resources shared at the QR station & other information concerning QR codes. The information shared will be specific to the iPad 2, although other iOS devices containing cameras (iPod Touch Gen 4 and iPhones) could be used for the activities.

Pick Your Topic #2: (50 minute session)

  • iMovie for iPads
  • App Share:
    • Description: This session will focus on "feeding your iPad" with apps that can be used at all grade levels and curricular areas. Apps will be shared and demonstrated and then participants will have an opportunity to spend some time with each app.
    • Applications Shared: Dragon Dictate, Linoit, Skitch, Comic Lite
  • iBooks, ePubs, iTunesU, CK12
    • Description: Digital texts are becoming the way our students learn. We will look at how we can use digital content and create digital content that will make the curriculum come alive. We will look at iBooks, ePubs, iTunesU and Other forms of online curriculum that we can use with our iPad. We will look at integrating these resources into elementary and secondary curriculum.
    • Resources Shared: ePub Bud, CK12, Khan Academy, iBooks, iTunesU and much more!

Links: ESU#3 iPads ~ ESU#3 iPad Apps