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Practice Documents:
Link to Google Docs/Spreadsheets: Bennington Domain Google Docs
In your spreadsheet, just point your cursor to an icon on the toolbar to see a message describing what that option can do. Here are the main formatting options:Toolbar.png
  • add bold and italics
  • change font size and family
  • align text
  • wrap text
  • add charts
  • change cell alignment
  • merge cells horizontally in selected rows
  • insert or delete rows and columns
  • add borders


  • With the Sort tab, you can do the following:
    Freeze rows: Click the Sort tab. Use the Freeze header rows drop-down to select up to 5 rows at the top of the current sheet that you want to remain unsorted.
    Sort your data: Use your cursor and select the cell that you want sorting to start in. Next, click the Sort tab, and select either A->Z (ascending order) or Z->A (descending order). The Sort feature will order all rows of a spreadsheet, except any "frozen rows," using the column or the currently selected cell (or the first cell in a range, if a range is selected).

  • To use the sortbar feature: Simply place your cursor in the gray box at the top of any column. The orange Sortbar appears. Click the arrow at the far right of the Sortbar and select a specific sort order for the data in that column.


You need to be online and signed in to use Google Docs. However, you can download your documents, spreadsheets & presentations to work on them offline, then upload the most recent version into Google Docs.
  • You can DOWNLOAD a spreadsheet in several different file formats, including Excel, .txt, .csv, .pdf, .html, and .ods.
  • To export a spreadsheet, just choose File > DOWNLOAD AS and select a file type.