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Sample Presentation

What is it?sample_pres.jpg

Google Presentation is an easy-to-use, online, presentation application where you can create, upload, share, collaborate and store presentations. If you know how to use a presentation program, you will quickly learn Google Presentation.

You can even import existing PowerPoint presentations--and export presentations in PowerPoint format.

Creating a New Google Presentation FileGP-File_meu.jpg

Step #1: Sign in with your Google Account
Step #2: Click the "New Document" link, located on the upper left-hand side of the screen.
Step #3: From the drop down menu, select Presentation

File Menu of Google Presentation

  • New: Creates a New Google Presentation
  • Open: Opens an existing Google presentation
  • Upload a file: Allows you to upload an existing Powerpoint presentation
  • Import Slides: Allows you to import slides from existing Google Presentations
  • Save: Saves the slideshow/presentation
  • Save As: Saves the presentation under a new name
  • Rename: Allows you to change the name of the presentation
  • Delete Presentation: Deletes the presentation from your account (asks first)
  • Print: Allows you to print the presentation
  • Save as a PDF: Allows you to save as a .pdf to your computer
  • Save as Text: Allows you to save as a text file to your computer
  • Start Presentation: Begins the presentation in a new window
  • Discard Changes: Gets rid of the changes back to your last save
  • Save & Close: Saves your presentation and closes the edit window

Edit Menu


From the image above, notice that the EDIT MENU is displayed horizontally, with the insert image, insert shape and change theme selections having additional choices.

Insert Image:
GP_insert_image.jpg* Click on the insert image icon
  • A prompt window will open
  • Browse to the image on your computer and then click OK.

Change Theme:
  • Click on the Change Theme icon
  • A prompt window will open with selections (it scrolls)
  • Make your selection for the theme
(Choices are somewhat limited--know that you can import in a presentation from Powerpoint--some people just save a blank slide and import it in so that they get different themes)
Insert ShapeGP_Shape_window.jpg* Click on the Insert shape icon
  • A dropdown menu will appear
  • Select from the choices given


Editing a Slide:

| Undo | Redo | Font | Font size | Bold | Italics | Underline | Text color | Text background color | Link | List formatting |
  • Listed below the toolbar is a short descriptor of what each icon stands for--most are familiar icons if you have used a word processor before.
  • With a Google Presentation open, you can "mouse over" the tool and a tool indicator will appear letting you know what the tool does.

Presenting, Sharing & Chatting

  • Click on the "Start Presentation" icon along the right side
  • Your presentation will open in a new window
  • The navigation arrows will appear in the lower left corner
  • A URL address will appear in the top right corner that you can share with others
  • A "Chat screen" will appear for people to dialog during the presentation

  • Click on the "Share" Tab from your document
  • Type in the e-mail address of people you would like to share your presentation with.
  • You can allow people to "view" or "collaborate" on your presentation
  • Decide if you want to send an e-mail invitation

  • Chats are "real time" and are not captured or saved
  • Once the chat scrolls off the screen it cannot be read again
  • Screen captures work to "capture" discussions