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Google Form Survey--Click here to Take the Survey

Pam's Survey to test: Survey here


Items Shared at the Session:

Follow these steps to create your first Survey/Form:docs-create.png

Step #1: Log into the Google Docs Web Site: your username and password

Step #2: Once your Google Docs account opens, (you may have to click on the docs link once you log in) click on the “Create” button in the top left corner to access “Form” in the pull down menu. (see at right)

Step #3: A pop-up window will open where you can begin creating your form/survey. First you will want to name your form—Drag over the text, “Untitled form” in the rectangle in the top left corner and name the form. In the rectangle below the
name you can include any help text for those completing the form/survey.

Step #4: You can now begin adding questions to your survey/form. (see the diagram at right for more details)

Step #5: Once you are done adding questions to the form/survey, click SAVE in the top right corner. Copy the web address at the bottom so that you can “send out” your form, add it to a web page, newsletter, etc. so that people can click the link and answer the form.

To see the results after people have answered your form/survey

Step #1:Log into the Google Docs Web Site:
using your e-mail and password.

Step #2: You will see the form/survey listed in the documents, open it by double clicking the name you gave your form.

Step #3: You will see the survey results in spreadsheet format. If you want to see the results charted, go to FORM in the Google Docs menu and select “Show Summary of Responses” You will see the results from the survey/form charted and graphed.


There is another image editing window open. Close itwithout saving and continue?